Gundam 00 Diorama Competition and 2Old4Toys are promoting a Gundam 00 diorama (model display) competition that ends tomorrow(9/30/09).  2Old4Toys is working on Exia ignition mode model if you want to watch that visit him.

PG Gundam Astray Red Frame at is the big prize.  Wonder what the hell it is?  Watch part 1 and part 2 and your eyes will pop out if you’ve ever made a Gundam kit.  The last gunpla kit I ever made was the first HG RX-178 Gundam mk.II kit over 18 years ago.. ouch.  These perfect grade kits are super detailed, cool, and pricey.  Unfortunately I can’t paint and I’m pretty frugal, so it’s a lot easier just watching it done by current hobbyist.

Contest Rules are posted here:

Anyhow for more about the competition watch the youtube video.


This one seems to be my favorite with one day left to go.

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