Gundam Unicorn Episode 6 Trailer

Gundam Unicorn episode 6 trailer “Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows”.  Hopefully there will be some good action this time around.  So far Banagher’s piloting is pretty unimpressive.

Japanese Version:

David So’s Byuntae Style (Psy Gangnam Style parody)

Check out this funny parody from David So.  His biggest youtube hit so far.

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E-Girls – Follow Me (PV)

New music video from E-girls.


SD Gundam G Generation Overworld

SD Gundam G Generation Overworld for PSP coming out on 9.27.12.

Gundam themed hotel rooms

There is now Gundam themed hotel rooms at the Grand Pacific Le Daiba.  Check it out.


All Kamen Rider Rider Generation 2

New Kamen Rider game coming out for the PSP and Nintendo DS on August 2, 2012.  Over 100 characters including all your favorite Riders.  The Japanese love their super heroes.